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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  November 20, 2016 6:00am-6:30am PST

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((nia wong)) thanks for joining us on the valley's news leader. i'm nia wong. this morning...we're following the investigation of an overnight car crash which left one person dead near the rio hotel and casino. metro says a white s-u-v struck a man who was jaywalking on the intersection of valley view and viking road last night. the pedestrian is said to be in his he was transported to u-m-c but later died. investigators tell us the driver cooperated with police....and they don't suspect the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs./// ((nia wong)) and the n-t-s-b and f-a-a are still trying to figure out what caused friday night's plane crash in elko. the air ambulance crashed shortly after takeoff friday night..killing all four people on board. the plane reportedly was taking a heart transplant patient to the university of utah.// ((nia wong)) and major traffic delays
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on friday night...th2 215 closed in both directions at the airport connector so crews can install parts of a flyover off-ramp over the highway. the closures are going to be in effect until 5 tomorrow morning./// ((nia wong)) cooler temperatures are kicking off the week of thanksgiving. katie boer has your first check of the weather.. ((katie boer)) >> good sunday morning! feeling a lot more like fall with our cooler temperatures and added clouds to the mix today. we have a bit more activity on the way heading into early next week too. ............... cloudy skies through the day with a 30-40% chance of showers arriving after 4pm sunday. by 3pm temperatures climb all the way to the upper 60s. ............... satellite radar shows a weak disturbance tracking through southern nevada -- we'll talk about rain chances on the way in my extended forecast./// ((nia wong)) president-elect extended forecast.///
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donald trump and his transition team have had a busy two weeks selecting potential cabinet members. a series of meetings have been happening at trump's golf club in new jersey to discuss the potential appointees....incl uding candidates for secretary of defense and secretary of education. among the guests was --mitt romney --who once called trump a "con man" and a "phoney" . romney says he and trump had a america's global interests./// ((nia wong)) yesterday...the lucky dragon officially opened. the newest casino in vegas....located on sahara just west of las vegas blvd....features 200 rooms and a 27- thousand square foot casino floor. according to the hotel's website... a single king room will cost arounbd 499- dollars. lucky dragon officials say they want to be the most authentic asian cultural and gaming experience you can find on the strip./// ((nia wong))
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we'll see who came out on top at state championship games this weekend... >> plus the rebels took on the titans. the highlights from unlv's game with cal state fullerton. stay with us...we'll be right back after this break./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with nia
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boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now." ((nia wong)) >> history was made and records weekend in nevada. jon tristch has your sports recap. andre ward and victor kovalev provided a cold war feel for their pound for pound championship fight..what would boxing be without a little controversy the sweat was still dripping from the ropes when people started calling for a rematch..ward wins by unanimous decision to stay undefeated..but it was close..and
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ersy reigns because ward was knocked down in the 2nd round today was about championships and chills..but making history is the last thing on spring mountain's mind..the high school is also a youth treatment center..a kid goes there for only 5 months because this is his last chance to turn it around.. the eagles were in the nevada state title game against pahrana-gat valley...the panthers have the nation's longest winning streak..104 games..8 straight titles and a coach retiring after 20 record breaking better than this this is jesse..he's never been alive for a pahranagat valley loss..he's in third ken record 193-22.. but the living legend sees his team down a touchdown in the third quarter..tabor maxwell changing that in a hurry..up top to cody williams.. panthers re-take the lead.. but not for long..quarterba ck eric brooks..has a fix for six...eagles in front by 2... 4th quarter.. brooks..with the perfect air strike to tyriq
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the first time all year..they call on their senior 3 time state champion quarterback tabor maxwell..he delivers..the score is 47-46 spring mountain.. but the eagles..were hunting history..eric brooks..the game of his life..and spring mountain shocks the world..wins state for the first time and end the nation's longest winning streak....hey champions..hold the trophy high 3a state title desert pines back in the big dance for the 2nd
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creek from way up north.. just before half..4th down..the play of the season..tyler williamson throws to the incredible tony wallace..touchd own.. desert 12-6 game at halftime.. when the jaguars seize the moment.. williamson to tony fields..and fields party for six.. the route is on..but not before desert pines lets off some defensive fireworks..eddie heckard interception..and eddie ignites for a 102 yard touchdown...des ert pines..39-6..and the runnin rebels won't run away
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victories this year.. they'll win because of execution..effort and intensity..they'll win because they make plays in the final 4 minutes of every marvin menzies calls it winning time marvin his 10th season..going for win number 200 tonight..rebels going for victory number 2 against cal state fullerton.. kris clyburn takes the express lane to the basket.. but the titans actually took the lead in the 2nd half..lionheart leslie scores 2 of his 20.. jovan mooring the rebound..push and finish..3 point play.. unlv up 6 shot clock dwindling..jaylen poyser pouring in in from way out..77-68 unlv prevails ((nia wong))
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((nia wong)) >> welcome back to the valley's news leader. it looks like it's time to grab your coats and umbrellas. katie boer has your thanksgiving week forecast. (( )) ((katie boer)) >> good sunday morning! i'm tracking rain chances returning back to the mix later today and tomorrow. let's start with a look at our st disturbance ahead of a broad trough of low pressure. ................. a pacific storm system will move across the region sunday through monday night. precipitation chances will spread into mainly the sierra by sunday
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monday. some showers may linger in eastern portions of lincoln and mohave counties monday night. generally dry conditions and near normal temperatures are expected for the remainder of next week. southwest flow will be over the area this morning as a pacific trough approaches the california coast. some mid and high level moisture will continue to spread across portions of t associated with a weaker disturbance out ahead of the main trough moving north out of baja and through far southern california. .................... futurecast shows this first disturbance could bring just enough moisture for a slight chance of high elevation showers or sprinkles sunday across eastern san bernardino, clark, mohave and lincoln counties. areas of northern nevada could see some decent snow chances ahead. ................. our weather headlines show limited rain amounts expected likely with this next system. sunny and drier conditions
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be back to sunny and nice conditions. ................. today look for a chance of rain beginning after 4pm. highs in the upper 60s. tonight our lows drop to the low 50s with mostly cloudy skies. ................. your 7-day forecast keeps our rain chance to primarily sunday night into monday morning.... drier for the rest of the week... with more sunshine on the way leading up to thanksgiving. for thanksgiving look for temperatures in the upper 60s and sunny skies. /// ((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news now. if you're looking for a job for the
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lee canyon is looking for hundreds of new hires. they join us this morning to tell us about the opportunities. "now, live...this is 8
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>> this cooler a conditions prime for lee canyon. as they get ready for the upcoming winter season...they're going to need some help. jim director. how many jobs does lee canyon have available? what types of positions are
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-experience is needed for certain jobs, we look for people with a great attitude and customer service skills what should job fair attendees bring? it's easy for those who haven't lived in southern nevada that long to forget that lee canyon and mt. charleston are two completely haven't lived in southern nevada that long to forget that lee canyon and mt.
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for those who are thinking about working up there, what should they always remember -there isn't a gas station on the mountain, make sure your gas always remember -there isn't a gas station on the mountain, make sure your gas tank is full before you leave the city limits -calling 511 is the best way to get up-to-the-minute road conditions and to see if snow chan ((nia wong)) ((nia wong))
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the world's most beloved rodent is turning 88 years old. the house of mouse is throwing their disney theme parks around the globe to celebrate mickey mouse's birthday. the disney icon debuted 88 years ago with his first appearance as steamboat willie. you can use the hashtag happy birthday mickey on twitter to join the celebration. ((nia wong)) and disney world revealed its first drones holiday light show over it's disney springs entertainment complex. 3-hundred drones will fly over water, creating holiday-themed shapes synchonized to holiday music.
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run at least thru the end of the year./// ((nia wong)) thanksgiving feasts are often centered around turkey on the table. but a turkey at one arkansas nursing and rehab center are is not hopping on anyone's dinner plate. meet pursilla......a therapy turkey. the 20-pound female turkey gives comfort for residents at arkansas nursing homes. after seeing just how calm pursilla was around people - her owner decided to spare the bird to pursue a higher calling./// ((nia wong)) thats it for hope to see you right back here at eight./// you now have a chance to >>
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is a special edition of "sunday morning." it's our annual food issue. our invitation to eat, drink and be merry. eating and drinking are easier and merrier when there isn't that pesky shopping to do first


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